Advice From a Pro

In golf there are a lot of choices out there to be made. For example, should you use one ball position for all clubs or move it around? Should you chip like you putt or chip with wrist hinge? When searching for a better game one seeks advice-this comes in the form of varying and at times conflicting statements on the same subject. This debate has been around as long as golf has.

The truth is, there all correct to some degree. No matter how much we want to help everybody, golf instruction is rarely universal. It is individualized based on variables like situation, skill level, or physical makeup.

The only thing we have in common, is that we are different. Some of us are right-handed/left. Some play a high fade-swing with a little inside-out. That old college knee injury makes one lean to one side. One design for a golf club will never be perfect for all of us. There is no sameness in golf. This game is played by different people in different ways. All have different swings, each shaped under different conditions. The swing is put to a test on each hole, and its honed by an infinite number of different factors.

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Jeff deCoen
USGTF Certified Teaching Professional
LIFE Team Member
LPGA Caddie/Coach/ Golf  Consultant
Living Intentionally For Excellence