Making friends with your body in order to hit the ball as straight as you point!

How many golfers have bought books, tapes, magazines, sought instruction, and after all the theories, concepts, methods and philosophies; still they are not getting the little “white pill” straight down the middle.

There seems to be a very confusing factor about this game of golf, simply stated, there are numerous requirements for certain professions (lawyers have to be licensed), yet there are no requirements to teach golf!! There is only theory. To be a teacher of the golf swing, all you have to do is pick a theory or philosophy that makes sense. You surely can get confused, overwhelmed, and totally frustrated trying to sort out all these theories, methods, and philosophies. Do you think one would enjoy the game more if the golf ball could be kept within the boundaries of the course?? To accomplish this you do NOT need to have a command of a draw or fade. You don’t have to be able to hit high or low shots. All you have to do to keep your shots in play is to be able to propel that little white pill so straight that your misses don’t go far enough to get into trouble.

How can such a feat be accomplished you ask—– SIMPLE!!! All you have to do is deliver the clubhead dead square to the back of a ball on line. Swing and release the golf club dead square and on line.

Don’t look at this like Rocket Science, cause this is not. This is simple cause and effect. Issac Newton’s famous statement should be committed to memory:  “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Now head to the first tee and just make a friend with your body, and smack it down the middle. See you in the fairways.


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Jeff deCoen
USGTF Certified Teaching Professional
LIFE Team Member
LPGA Caddie/Coach/ Golf  Consultant
Living Intentionally For Excellence