Network&Golf is committed to supporting your non-profit, fundraiser, or charity

Most charities want to reap the benefit of a golf tournament but lack the time and know-how needed to make such an event happen. Because of our commitment to our community, we have several simple programs to connect clubs and charities in a way that will make it effortless, and you relevant.

With all programs listed below, Network&Golf actively promotes and shares your event with our membership base.

Greens Fore Green

This program allows country clubs and organizers to create events and foursomes that support your program. This may include tournaments, percent of proceeds foursomes, or a variety of other creative programs.

You simply share a non-profit profile with Network&Golf and our team puts you in a directory that becomes linked to country club dashboards. Clubs simply click on your charity to link proceeds and you’ll be notified of any events. You then have the ability to share this with your mailing list and/or just receive the proceeds after the event!


Network&Golf makes it incredibly simple. Our team offers several options for your nonprofit. You tell us what you’d like to do and we partner with surrounding clubs on your behalf to find the best fit for your event. We give you templates to use to create a simple PDF for your event that will get attention and help raise money for your organization. We’ll also give you simple follow up emails and timelines to share with your current benefactors. As for all the hard work? We have a specially trained team to do all the work!

F.O.R.E. Fundraising

An incredibly simple strategy to earn money for your group without having to ask them – again – for another donation. We supply you with 3 simple emails to invite your mailing list to join Network&Golf’s free membership base. There is absolutely no risk, it takes 9 seconds if they use LinkedIn, and they will have access to thousands of discounts on entertainment and travel. For them, it’s free and they only receive benefits for joining. 

When any of the members connected to your link upgrades their membership to a premium membership ($25/month) within the next 2 years, your organization will receive $25 for each member who joins. Meanwhile, we connect you with our non-profit specialist who guides you through the process eliminating any work on your end.

We’d rather you focus on the important stuff… like changing the world.

Network&Golf has created this program to support non-profits around the country. Network&Golf is also committed to donating in alignment with the 1-1-1 giving strategy adopted by great companies across the USA.