Founders’ Club

Our Founder’s Club is steeped in the rich history and love of golf and its power to connect us. Beyond proudly identifying yourself as a Founding Member, you will receive a lifetime of benefits that befit your trust in us and support as we grow our network and company.


Pay for 1 year receive a lifetime membership to Network & Golf

Our founders receive a lifetime membership including every upgrade we ever roll out. This is including our upcoming Elite membership which is expected to rollout in early 2018.

Save $100 for being first

Because we are waiving the application fee for our first members,  Founding Members also save $100.

Annual Golf outing

In fall of 2018 we’re planning our first golf weekend event for Founders only. Our first golf outing will include free golf, complimentary golf clinics, dinners, breakfasts, and plenty of networking events and training sessions to help you improve your game – both on and off the course.
Our goal is to thank each and every one of the members who had faith in us and helped Network & Golf become a reality.
We pledge to thank our Founders each and every year – delivering more Network&Golf in unprecedented and unexpected ways. This will be an exclusive event that only a select few will be able to take advantage of for their lifetime.

The real way to enjoy playing golf is to take pleasure not in the score,  but in the execution of strokes.  – Bobby Jones

Thank you for becoming a Founding Member of our organization.
Scott & Colleen Bader


Cost of Founders’ Club Participation: $300.

(This is a one-time, lifetime fee.)


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