Country Club

Protecting your brand for you – and your members – is our ultimate goal.

Network&Golf is committed to working with elite clubs across the U.S. to grow new golfers and members while giving them a reason to golf more often.

Our members are busy executives and leaders who are not ready to join a country club but have 2 things in common:

  • They understand the value of golfing for business
  • They care about where they golf

Our team is working with large corporate partners, business owners, CEOs, alumni groups and non-profits to build a community of golfers in your community.


The problem with golf is that when you’re invited, you’ll go. Most of us are too busy to think about creating the invitation.


Network&Golf aims to deliver 5 important components to our members:

  • Invitations sent weekly to all of our members
  • The ability to golf for a cause
  • Simple, 30-second invitation technology
  • Handicap driven invitations to help golfers mover from beginner to business golfer
  • Wellness programs that encourage golf as a healthy lifestyle choice

Our partnerships with nonprofits, corporations and alumni groups will not only help them build and nurture important connections but will introduce future members to your club.

Being your sales partner is of paramount importance to Network&Golf.

We understand the challenges clubs have and aim to support your top line revenue strategies and long-term goals. ‘Participating Clubs’ (see FAQs below) will be supported with regular marketing reports and data relevant to your business. The data we collect will capture diverse demographic and buying patterns by location that be unlike anything anyone has captured previously. We will be able to give real-time feedback and competitive analytics that will set your club up for success and help you stay ahead of the competition. We will leverage our analytics to help you make more informed decisions that will grow your membership, reputation, and top line revenue.

It’s free to be a participating club, management company or consulting group*. See “Participating Partner Requirements” below.

Get started (or just learn more) here:


Will N&G compete with my club?

No! We will only help you. Members who join Network & Golf are not ready to join a private club. While doing research for our development, we found those who were interested weren’t joining a private club for 2 core reasons: affordability and readiness. Our focus is to grow financial position while helping them stay more engaged in the game. Because of this, our strategies support a private club’s long-term needs.

What’s in it for me?

  • Qualified traffic driven directly to your course
  • Leverage quiet traffic times to generate revenue
  • Gives membership director the ability to hand pick/invite N&G members to golf*
  • Works within private club marketing restrictions/guidelines
  • Protects green fees, perception, and valuation
  • Leaves control (pricing/times) in club’s hands
  • Allows Pros to build a relationship with newer golfers for long term benefits
  • Gives your team a profile (prior to arrival) of visiting golfers in order to build relationships and enhance their experience
  • Protects club reputation as N&G has strict guidelines for participation
  • Delivers key marketing information quarterly to support your business strategies

*Subject to N&G training and policy acceptance before this free feature is activated for clubs

Sounds expensive. How much does it cost?

Quite the opposite. A Flat Fee $8 per round will be charged. This is the only fee associated with participation in Network&Golf. It’s important that you control your per round value in order to satisfy your members and protect your brand.

Non-profit Program. We encourage (but do not require) clubs to link their events to local charities whenever possible. A standard 10% green fee donation is requested to leverage the non-profit program. (i.e. If you hosted a round for $50, this would give you a profit of $37 after the $5 donation and $8 round charge)

Are there any other benefits?

Yes! We believe the following benefits are most important. You must meet the requirements of a “Participating Partner” to receive this support. Network&Golf is committed to giving you and your management team competitive data collected through our system to help you make better, more informed choices around revenue generation. The 2 key sources include:

Quarterly video chats (starting July 2017) will be leveraged to share current data and trends that we see in the N&G database. Phase 2 will include specific demographics only captured by advanced data science (AI).

Monthly Newsletters will be delivered with business building data, reminders, program updates and suggestions.

Do I qualify?

Network&Golf does not want to compete with discount tee times and our business golfers want to golf at respected courses at a fair price. Because of this, Network&Golf insists that all clubs meet the following criteria:

  • Private & Semi-Private Clubs
  • Must have a strong online rating
  • Must be in good standing with PGA

Public clubs will only be accepted on an exception basis (Considerations include strong online ratings plus tee time needs, location, and PGA referral)

How Does It Work?

Apply below (no risk to apply)

Upon acceptance, your team will be given:

  • Easy-to-use event templates for your club to use based on past successes and member polls
  • Training webinars to help your team best leverage our program
  • Business development training webinars by N&G partners
  • Payment integration communication (Clubs choose best method)

Clubs receive a dashboard to track events, fill rates and attendees.

Clubs create events & open foursomes Network & Golf promotes your event to all members within a 60 mile radius of each club starting 2 weeks out

What is a Participating Club/Member?

All approved golf courses that meet the minimum event requirements (1 networking event (minimum 12 attendees) & 1 clinic (minimum 12 attendees) every 60 days and 5-10 open tee times every two months.)

*Consulting groups who qualify for free data have the ability to create events and meet the requirements above. Some other exceptions may apply.


Founder’s Club members (any course or management group is invited to become a Founding Member of Network&Golf. To join, visit Founder’s Club   Enter ‘PLAY’ in the referral section before joining.

*All Founders Club memberships are subject to Network&Golf approval. *Membership is extremely limited and will be determined on a first come first serve basis after vetting. Additional Founder’s Club memberships will not open up at any time in the future.