Selecting the Right Golf Clubs for Your Game

Choosing the Right Clubs for your golf game

Selecting the Right Golf Clubs to Drive Your Game

Choosing the Right Clubs for your golf gameGolf is a gentleman’s game. Stalwarts of the game usually mull over which club to choose. A golf club can make or mar your game. You should be well informed before buying your golf clubs. Here are a few guidelines for choosing the apt club for a great game.

Golf rules allow you to carry a maximum of 14 clubs. They are

  • Driver
  • Fairway Wood
  • Hybrid
  • Iron Set (4 – PW, AW or SW)
  • Wedge (SW and/or LW)
  • Putter

The 4 principal categories of golf clubs are woods, irons, wedges, and putters. These have several components common to all the golf clubs available in the market today. They are the grip, shaft, hosel and club head.

Firstly, you need to decide between an expensive but lighter graphite shaft and a steel shaft. Graphite shaft will allow greater swing and greater speed to increase the distance, especially if you are a beginner. Steel shaft is for accomplished players and they help you to be accurate. Professional players love the feel of steel more than graphite.

Secondly, you have to choose from five different types of flexes of shafts. The range is from ladies shaft with the most flexibility to extra stiff shafts that barely bend. When in doubt, you can consult a professional fitter who can help determine the speed of your club head. Alternately, you can buy one by judging how far the ball travels after you hit it with a driver.

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Thirdly, you should choose a club head made up of titanium or steel. Titanium is more expensive than steel and lighter. With less weight, the drivers’ club heads can have larger surface which will make it difficult to mishit the ball. Graphite shafts and Titanium heads are the best combination for a golpher.

golf clubs on greenFinally, you have to combine your woods, clubs, irons and wedges to make the most of your game. Most people replace irons by hybrids because it is easy. There are many kinds of wedges to choose from. The gap wedge or the approach wedge, the sand wedge, pitching wedge and the lob wedge are the commonest. The putter is the most important club in any bag. There are two types of putters 1. Blade putter and 2.Mallet putter.

Which club should you use?

A driver can be used to swing a ball for 230 yards, 3 wood – 210 yards, 2-iron – 190 yards, 3-iron – 180 yards, 4-iron – 170 yards, 5-iron – 160 yards, 6-iron – 150 yards, 7-iron – 140 yards, 8-iron – 130 yards, 9-iron – 120 yards, a pitching wedge – 110 yards, a sand wedge – 90 yards and a lob wedge – 65 yards.

 Care for your clubs.

If you look after your clubs, they will look good and last long.

Always clean the club face with a towel after each shot.

Use a tee to clean the grooves.

Clean your grips with lukewarm water and soap.

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