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We were pretty average middle-class kids growing up. We didn’t want for much but we certainly weren’t wealthy and knew what we were missing. When I met my first ‘millionaire’, I knew that I had to pay attention. I mustered up the courage and asked for the secret to success. “Golf,” he said. That was it. One word clearly lost on the 15-year-old me. Years later, an EVP would tell me, “It’s not about the meeting, it’s about the scotch after the meeting. You either need to learn to drink or take up golf.”

Well, as it turns out, I’m not a very good scotch drinker and golf has far better results.

Fortunately,  I love the game almost as much as I love helping people and growing businesses. Network And Golf is everything I’ve learned after 25 years in business. After leading teams of thousands in corporate America, supporting hundreds of small businesses with Small Business USA, and being fortunate enough to surround myself with a team far more impressive than me… something incredible has developed. I welcome you to be a part of our journey.

Welcome to Network & Golf.

Scott & Colleen

Network&Golf makes business happen.

Our founders created Network&Golf out of the need to balance life, build businesses, and help everyone grow both simultaneously. Our online community is being created to help leaders connect with other golfers to help grow their business and develop their professional network.

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Our Philosophy of Giving Back

Network&Golf has created programs to support non-profits around the country. We are also committed to donating in alignment with the 1-1-1 giving strategy adopted by great companies across the USA.

Golfers – Continuously delivering tools to help support your game and your business is of paramount importance. We know golf alone will change your business but we hope to help you grow in other areas as well. We’ll launch webinars with golf professionals, business leaders, consultants, and success coaches to keep you and your game at the top. Today, our free members have access to a corporate discount program that delivers thousands of discounts on travel and entertainment. Learn about our corporate program here

Country Clubs – Being a sales partner is of paramount importance. We understand the challenges clubs have and aim to support your top line revenue strategies and long-term goals. Participating clubs will be supported with regular marketing reports and data relevant to your business. We’ll track what’s working and not working across demographics and across the US and share that with our Participating Partners on a regular basis. It’s free to be a participating club, management company or consulting group. For more information on how to partner with Network&Golf, click here.

Community & Nonprofit – Most charities want to reap the benefit of a golf tournament but lack the time and know-how needed to make such an event happen. Because of our commitment to our community, we have several simple programs to connect clubs and charities in a way that will make it effortless. To learn more about out Non-profit program, click here.golf more, give more, network and golf, network & golf, colleen ferrary baderOur Mission

Network & Golf is committed to delivering on the needs of our members while serving the communities we do business in. We promise to:

Continuously improve our platform to make it easier and easier to connect with the right people on the golf course
Help bridge the gap between beginner golfers and the need to golf for business
Support the private club industry by helping them drive revenue while introducing new golfers to their clubs
Make giving easier for everyone



“God gave us the gift of life; it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”  -Voltaire

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