In LinkedIn Done?

I’ve recently been taking notice of the growing discontent with LinkedIn by leaders in business. For me, LinkedIn has always been a valuable tool to connect with people who I don’t know personally but want to know. I must admit, however, that the frustration I’m hearing is not anything I haven’t thought to myself over the past year.
When a tool becomes such a staple to a business community and sales, it’s not shocking that gorilla marketers are going to leverage it to pitch (and pitch, and pitch, and pitch…)

Yes, spam has taken over our inboxes and the people who you really want to reach are getting tired of it.

Last week alone, I talked to 4 millennials who warned me against allowing Network&Golf to become like LinkedIn. They were such incredibly random warnings within the context of our conversation that they stood out long after our calls. We are currently working on a tough “no-spam” policy with the launch of Network&Golf as we speak.
I wonder, what will this do to LinkedIn? Does it open doors for different/better tools to jump in? Direct messaging on Twitter has filled my inbox with so much auto-responding spam, that I’m sure I’ve ignored any true value adding messages.
Here are a couple reminders I share with my Small Business USA members (and I’ll share with our members as well):
Sales are based on relationships. You will always have better sales when you build relationships first.
Spam infuriates; Knowledge adds value. If you don’t add value with what you send people you’re more apt to be marked as spam or unsubscribed to than you are to be called. Always add value when you send an email or make a phone call.
To steal BNI’s mantra, Givers Gain. It’s true. If you go in trying to help versus sell, you’ll always win in the long run. Besides, business is far more rewarding that way as well!
I’m not sure of the future of LinkedIn but I hear the discontent loud and clear. I think there’s a lesson for us to learn as business owners and leaders. I think I’ll quote one of my favorite guys for this point:

‘Do unto others as you would have them do to you.’
-Luke 6:31

Seems easy enough to me. 🙂