Ep4 | Why Women Need to Learn Golf with Cori Alberdi of Girls Golf

Episode 4 Why Women Need to Learn to Golf

Why do women need to learn golf?  Co-host and co-owner Colleen wanted to have that question answered, and we got our answer.  Cori Alberdi of Girls Golf of Phoenix discussed why it’s important for women to learn golf, and the benefits of teaching young girls the game of golf.  

Colleen also talks about why she was motivated to learn the game of golf as well.  She explains that coming up in a corporate America it was almost a necessity for her to learn golf to keep up with a male dominated career path.

Cori works with approximately 250 young ladies ages 3-18 teaching them the game of golf.  Girls Golf focuses on the 5 Es which are Empower, Enrich, Engage, Energize and Exercise.  She encourages all parents to have their children learn golf emphasizing that it helps children learn to focus..a difficult task for a lot of children today with so much going on around them.

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Girls Golf is a nonprofit organization sponsored by the LPGA and USGA.  For more information you can visit girlsgolf.org.  To learn more about Cori’s specific location visit girlsgolfofphoenix.org.