Ep3 | Improve Your Drive and Speed with Chute Trainer

Meet the Team at Chute TrainerEp3 NETWORKANDGOLF Blabcast with Chute Trainer

If you’re looking to improve your drive distance or speed up your swing weights are not the way to go.  Instead try a chute.  It sounds silly and even the owners will agree that at first it seems silly but it works.  You can increase the speed of your swing 5-10 mph after only a dozen or so swings using the Golf Chute from the team at Chute Trainer.  For Episode 3 we had the privilege to talk to Rory and Jennifer of Chute Trainer about their product and how it’s helping golfers of all skill levels improve their drive and speed.

Their product is endorsed by Kathy G. Jensen, the 2014 PGA National Teacher of the Year and professional golfer.  In fact Kathy came on in the closing moments to endorse Chute Trainer.

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Not only does Chute Trainer sell Golf Chutes, they have chutes for other sports as well including Baseball, Tennis, Racquetball and they are testing a chute for Hockey.

The product is very affordable and will improve your game much more than weights (and it’s safer), and it’s actually fun too!  Go get your Golf Chute right now..well after you listen to this episode.