Corporate Program

Network&Golf is designed to help leaders and key business partners integrate sport and wellness into building partnerships, driving engagement and growing relationships.

Network&Golf is focused on golfers as well as non-golfers. It not only gives your team a non-threatening entry into a healthier lifestyle but reduces stress and anxiety attached to today’s sometimes frenetic business environments.

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Our free online community will help you differentiate yourself from your competition while allowing your team to connect simply with peers, friends and business associates while home or traveling. Your team will receive weekly invitations to golf and connect in their inbox – inspiring participation. A simple click reserves their tee time and gets them connecting with each other in seconds!

Successful business leaders leverage golf to build team collaboration, interviewing potential new team members, connecting with referral partners or finding like-minded leaders to help you improve your team. Network&Golf puts that network at your team’s fingertips.

I only interview on the golf course. After 18 holes with my top candidates, I know who I want to work with and so do they.

It’s completely changed my retention success!

Golf Clinic and Goal Setting Meeting 2016

Our corporate program allows you to inspire activity and wellness for your team – at no expense!

Leveraging Network&Golf will help you and your team improve productivity, establish better team connections, maximize recruiting results and enhance your wellness benefit offerings for your team.

By partnering with local clubs near you, we create no-obligation events that your team can join at their leisure and that your team leaders can leverage as ready made team building events or meetings.

• Employees can earn health points for benefit programs
• Network&Golf can support your initiative to leverage a reward system that delivers credits towards free golf for performance.
• Sales teams can also leverage the advanced capabilities of our program for potential clients and important meetings.
• Department leaders can simply arrange off-site meetings and team buildings
• Team members who travel can find the right foursomes to join while traveling
• Masterminds & brainstorming sessions can be brought off site to help capture creativity
• Network & Golf clinics created by local PGA Professionals and Golf Pros will help inspire healthier lifestyles and more fun team building activities.

Why Golf? Really.

When we are happy – when our mindset and mood are positive – we are smarter, more motivated, and thus more successful.

Happiness is the center, and success revolves around it.

-Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage, International Best Seller

For your company, golf is a sport that everyone can play! A golfing activity naturally nurtures relationships, delivers a new setting with fresh air, sunlight and a change of scenery that helps balance enjoyment with making good things happen for your business.

Something different happens in 18 holes. When you spend time in a beautiful setting, free of distraction, technology, interruption, and with no rush to the finish line a different, inspiring and engaging relationship is built. It could be the fresh air or that there’s no clock ticking, but the time you spend connecting on the golf course is never time wasted it is an investment in your business and your people! In fact, those who leverage golf for business earn 17% more than those who do not. (PGA study, 2016)

Why Now?

Network & Golf will be offering free corporate memberships for a limited time!

As we grow our business and expand, we expect to need to charge for the level of service we are committing to today.

Join us now, during this special introductory promotion – Free Membership!

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